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All consultants of MESC are senior consultants and certified by authorized organizations. They have rich experience on the system and tools of their specialty fields and they are not only theoretical trainer. Besides, the uniqueness of MESC consultants lies in the capability of implementing tools & systems in factories with different culture background, either multinational companies, joint ventures, state-owned enterprises or private companies. All MESC consultants have been implementing their focused tools & systems successfully within different factories and reaped significant financial returns and benefits.

Consultant Team:

Feng Lei MESC President & Chief Consultant
Lean & Six Sigma Expert
TPM Master
TWI Senior Master Trainer by JITA
Doctor of Business Management
Lily Qiu

General Manager & Chief Consultant at MESC
Lean & Six Sigma Expert
IE/MTP Expert
JITA Certified TWI Master Trainer
AACTP Certified International Senior Operation Manager
Senior Career Development Instructor Issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Xu Yi

Consultant Director at MESC
JIPM Certified TPM Instructor
JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer
JITA Certified MTP Trainer

Bin Guo Senior Consultant at MESC
JIPM Certified TPM Consultant
JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer
Lai Yizhao

MESC Senior Consultant
Senior TWI Trainer (JITA)
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ, GPS)
Project Management Professional (PMI)
Certified Energy Manager (AEE)

Weehan Lee

General Manager at MESC Malaysia
MESC Senior Lean Sigma Consultant
Senior TWI Trainer (Certified by JITA)

Uttam Kumar Chatterjee

TPM Master Instructor
Awarded 1st Nakajima Award in the world
PhD, Total Productive Maintenance Mfg/SC Mgt.

Charles Wu MESC Senior Consultant Senior TWI Trainer
YW Tan MESC Senior Lean Sigma Consultant
6 Sigma Master Black Belt
Shannez Tan Hui Meng Consultant of MESC, JITA Certified TWI Trainer
Matthias Bauer Partner of GPS
Wenchao YAN Consultant of MESC, JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer
Li Yanhua Senior Consultant of MESC, JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer
Yasumi Mizuno President of MIC (a consulting company under TOYOTA)
Dr. Xie Senior Consultant of MESC
Mike Ma Consultant of MESC, JITA Certified TWI Trainer
Maxwell Han Consultant of MESC, JITA Certified TWI Trainer
Felix Cheng Principal Lean Consultant of MESC
Nengwei Jiang Consultant of MESC
Su YongFa JITA certified TWI Trainer
Sophia Fu TWI Product Manager, JITA Certified TWI Trainer
Qian Wen JITA Certified TWI Trainer
Mr. Gao Senior Consultant of MESC
Wu Guifu JITA certified TWI Trainer



Charles Wu
MESC Senior Consultant
Senior TWI Trainer

Mr. Wu is currently a Senior Consultant at MESC. He has worked for Nanjing LG Panda Appliances Co., LTD, Shanghai Whirlpool Household Appliances Co., LTD, Suzhou 3M Materials Technology Co., LTD and Kraft Foods (Suzhou) Co., LTD, as Senior Lean Engineer, Senior Lean Executive, C/I Manager and other important positions.

He has received guidance and training from many Lean experts from the United States, Japan, China and other countries, and has accumulated a wealth of experience from years of practice in manufacturing industry, establishing a number of model lines and model plants.

Mr. Wu was certified as a six-sigma black belt at LG between 2010 and 2011. Key production lines under his six-sigma project management increased production capacity by over 20%, 2 years in a row; As such, he was again certified as a six-sigma black belt by international six-sigma institution ---GPS.
Mr. Wu has many years of experience in Lean Manufacturing and Improvement projects working for many multinational companies, such as VSM / 5S / TPM / TWI / SMED / pull system / lean layout, especially in Lean Six Sigma projects. He has implemented lean/TPM/CI consulting projects for a number of large enterprises, including the following well-known companies:

  1. Mars Foods (China) Co., Ltd
  2. Anhui tobacco Industry Corporation
  3. Nantong Cellulose Fibers Company
  4. Chacha Food Co., Ltd
  5. Beijing Tianshan New Materials And Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing and Suzhou plants
  6. BGS Changzhou Co., Ltd.
  7. Continental Tires(Hefei) Co., LTD
  8. Lubrizol Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

During his work at Kraft Food Company, he was responsible for the C/I system in various plants in China, directing 5S / TPM /Lean Six Sigma projects executions. Meanwhile, he has delivered many 5S / TPM /Lean Six Sigma training in the company. His remarkable achievement is as below:
* Saving the manufacture cost for over 10% by his successful model line
* The equipment utilization rate increased by 16%
* The changeover time reduced by 63%
* The customer complaint rate decreased by 65%
Moreover, he joined the lean learning trip to Toyota in Japan, learning from Toyota experts for the original TPS, visiting Toyota plants in Japan. By attending the trip, he has enhanced his capability of lean and improvement to a new level.

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Shannez Tan Hui Meng

Shannez Tan graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She then went on to build a successful career in the fashion and retail industry. Over the last 20 years, she has been exposed to the many facades of the industry. She has experience in fashion forecasting, design and manufacturing of fashion apparels, purchasing and logistic as well as managing departmental stores.

She is currently the a partner of MESC Malaysia and is a JITA certified TWI trainer in Job Instruction and Job Method modules.

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Wenchao YAN
MESC Consultant
JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer

Mr. Yan is currently full-time consultant of MESC. He has more than 15-year practical experience in plant operation management.

Before he joined MESC, Mr. Yan has worked in Yuzhong Textile Co., Ltd in Xuchang for nearly 10 years as the Equipment Supervisor, Production Manager, R&D Manager and Continuous Improvement Manager. Mr. Yan was in charge of the implementation of 5S & CI project at the end of 2007 as a CI leader in a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, and led the pilot line pass the audit successfully.

With over 15-year on-site management experience and systematic training of 5S&TPM, SMED and OEE, Mr. Yan Wenchao is an expert in overall plant management, such as production planning, manufacturing distribution and on-site 5S/TPM management. Besides, Mr. Yan also has strong quality sense and quality control capabilities, and has practical experiences of projects promotion.

The clients Mr. Yan has served for the past 4 years include:

  • Gale Pacific Special Textiles (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
  • Ruitai shade products (Taizhou) Co., Ltd.
  • SCA (Nanjing) Packaging Co., Ltd.
  • Amphenol (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Stork Fokker Elmo
  • Orica Chemicals Jiangsu
  • Sulzer Pumps Suzhou Ltd
  • Basf (shenyang) Vitamin Co., Ltd.
  • Andrew Telecommunication Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.
  • WIKA Pressure and Temperature measuring instrument Co.,Ltd.
  • ALSTOM (Wuhan) Transformers
  • Wuhan Fojiya Tongda Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
  • Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
  • DIEHL AKO Stiftung & Co. KG...Ltd.
  • Beijing TONSAN Adhesive Co.,Ltd
  • Infineon Technologies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
  • Taicang Kern-Liebers Co., Ltd.

In 2008, Mr. Yan received training of Japan Industrial Training Association (JITA), and became certified trainer of (TWI) JI/JR/JM/JS. Mr. Yan has delivered training on TWI for nearly thousands of times, all of which were well accepted by clients.



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Li Yanhua

Senior Consultant of MESC
JITA Certified Senior TWI Trainer

Ms Li is currently the senior consultant of MESC. She has over 20-year hands-on experience in leading manufacturers of FMCG products, like Kraft Foods and Cadbury Company.

She has rich experience in establishing plant KPI and training system of an organization, ensuring safe work environment, cost control and reduction, production efficiency enhancement, product quality management, SMED, TPM, SST (Supervisor for Super Team) and TWI training. Her training style is friendly, professional, and open to communication.

Ms Li was Continuous Improvement Manager in Cadbury China for six years (2002-2008), she led CSMS (Cadbury Schweppes Manufacturing System - continuous improvement system focusing on supply chain) implementation in both China sites in Beijing and Guangzhou.

She also was R&D manager in Cadbury China, responsible for new product development, driving product & process improvement continuously. She was also involved in competitor investigation and analysis, cost saving of raw material, suppliers’ development and etc…

In addition, she has taken part in domestic and foreign benchmarking learning activities for many times, including Japanese snow dairy visit learning in Year of 1997 (2 weeks), French dairy research institute study the application of membrane technology in the year of 2000 (4 months), Ghana volunteers in the year of 2007 (2 weeks), short-term benchmarking learning activities for Cadbury in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand in Year of 2003-2006, and other various learning and training activities on manufacturing excellence and leadership.

Ms. Li joined MESC as a full-time senior consultant in 2011. Till now, part of the companies that she served are as below.

  • ColArt (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
  • Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
  • Sandvik Tooling (Langfang) Ltd.
  • Beijing Tianshan New Materials and Technology Co., Ltd.
  • ZF Lemforder Automotive Systems (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
  • Worldmark (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
  • BGS Changzhou Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang DunAn Hetian Metal Co. Ltd.





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Gary Cone
MESC Executive Partner - GPS Founding Partner

Gary has over 30 years of experience achieving business performance improvement, successfully employing and adapting his knowledge of Business and Quality Systems, Strategy Deployment, Lean Six Sigma, Organizational Change, and Industrial Systems. He was a pioneer in the development the Six Sigma roadmap while working at Motorola in the 1980s.

Gary is one of four who launched the Six Sigma revolution that began at AlliedSignal in 1994 where he was personally responsible for leading the deployment in the $6 billion automotive sector. As the adaptation of the Six Sigma method gained momentum, Gary’s consulting firm was responsible for Six Sigma implementations at GE, GenCorp, International Truck, Siebe, Bombardier, LOF, and Crane, to name a few.

In 2000, Gary co-founded Global Productivity Solutions, GPS, with a commitment to serve customers by partnering with leadership to drive breakthrough performance and sustainable improvement. In order to be successful, GPS sought out some of the most knowledgeable and experienced change agents in industry. This highly skilled, passionate and driven group continues to expand their capabilities under Gary’s teaching and mentoring.

GPS has partnered with customers from many industries on business transformation, Six Sigma implementation, or simply focused improvement projects. GPS consultants have served at Procter & Gamble, Cleveland Clinic, R. L. Polk, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Lubrizol, Sequa Corporation, Rockwell Automation, Telefonica, Dover Resources, and Life Technologies, to name a few.

Professional Experience
Gary has also worked for Six Sigma Academy as VP, Technical Staff; Zenith Data Systems as VP, Productivity; Compaq Computers as Director, Mass Storage; Motorola in positions of increasing responsibility and, prior to that, for NCR as Quality Systems Manager.

Masters of Business Administration - Vanderbilt University
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Systems - University of South Florida


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Matthias Bauer 
Partner of GPS

Matthias has spent the past 15 years working in process improvement using Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. He has worked for some of the world's largest manufacturers supervising operations spanning three continents where his change implementations and process improvements have resulted in transforming cost savings and double digit efficiency gains.

In a prior engagement as Project Manager for Management Engineers, a management consulting firm headquartered in Germany, Matthias served as the lead for multiple global renewable energy and automotive projects. He implemented lean production systems for his clients to increase their production capacities by 25% to 40% and reduce time to peak production three-fold over previous factory launches. He also executed the post-merger integration of two manufacturing companies.

Matthias has also held management roles in the automotive industries. As a result of his work, the Chrysler Group built 850,000 of a single platform, resulting in substantial cost savings and a 20% engineering staff reduction. Additionally, he was responsible for standardizing manufacturing processes across three plants in a joint Chrysler and Mitsubishi development program. With the CIO of Chrysler, Matthias led a team tasked with advanced development of vehicle user interfaces.

Since the early stages of his career, Matthias has been recognized as a high performer. He was selected to participate in Daimler's International Management Associate Program where he was a member of the turnaround team at Mitsubishi Motors. He has successfully managed projects at the highest levels, but is also a talented mentor and teacher.

Professional Experience
Prior to his consulting and industry work, Matthias was a researcher and lecturer at the University of Stuttgart. He worked with Professor Gerhard Eigenberger, a recognized expert in Process Engineering. He has been published in numerous peer- reviewed journals and speaks German, English, French, and Spanish.

Doctorate, Process Management – University of Stuttgart Master of Science, Chemical Engineering – University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Mr. Yasumi Mizuno

Mr. Mizuno has been working with Toyota Group since 1967. He has rich experience in manufacturing management and he’s especially strong in the fields of establishment and promotion of company’s foundation by total quality control, TPS JIT production control and cost control and management system improvement.

Mr. Mizuno established MIC and took a position as President in 2001. Prior to MIC, he worked as an executive adviser for Samsung and Sansei Electronics Inc. Earlier he took an active part as a management consultant for Kaneki Pottery Inc., one of major manufacturers in central area of Japan. In early 1990, he was Managing Director of GBC (Gifu Business Center Inc.), which is one of the most aggressive TPS deployed company out of Toyota 16 factories and 18 subsidiaries. From 1967 to 1989, Mr. Mizuno worked with many different departments of Toyota suppliers and had been in charge of production control and plan, purchase control and arrangement, car body selling, process control, cost accounting system and management consulting, etc.

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Felix Cheng Principal Lean Consultant

Mr. Cheng is the first one who introduced and implemented Value Stream Mapping tool in China. He also co-led the Value Stream Mapping Workshop in 1999 in China with Mr. John Shook, the author of “Learning to See”. Through this book, Mr. John Shook introduced the Value Stream Map concept to the world.

Mr. Cheng is currently the General Manager of Kohler Global Power System, Ltd., Kohler Engine Ltd. and Kohler Strategic Sourcing located in Changzhou. Meanwhile, Mr. Cheng also teaches lean manufacturing courses in Fudan University. Prior to Kohler, he was President of Skyman Industrial Group and Manufacturing System Manager, Asia-Pacific for Delphi Automotive System, where Mr. Cheng worked closely with Toyota senior consultants to implement Toyota Production System (TPS) in various automotive and auto component plants in Asia.

Mr. Cheng has been actively involved in the manufacturing industry for nearly 10 years and gained rich experience in lean manufacturing and TPS implementation through years of solid factory practices. Mr. Cheng holds a master degree in Industrial Engineering from Jiaotong University and a bachelor degree from Fudan University. The major clients that Mr. Cheng has coached include:

  • FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • Lear Automotive Electronics & Electrical Products (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
  • Shanghai Delphi International Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Delphi Shanghai Steering & Chassis Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Automobile Generator Co., Ltd.
  • Tsinghua Automotive Institute, Tsinghua University
  • Gates-Unitta Power Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • TI Automotive China Brake & Fuel System


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Dr. Xie      MESC Senior Consultant

Dr. Xie is Japan Industrial Technology Association (JITA) Certified TWI and MTP consultant.

Born in 1953, Dr. Xie has been a teacher in Literature School of Shanghai University. He went to Japan for further study, got Sociology Ph D from Kwansei University in 1993. Later he joint Japan Management Association and Jemco Consultancy Company.

Since 2000, as a representative consultant of JITA Dr. Xie came to China to develop the communication and cooperation of manufacturing management between China and Japan. He has been regularly consulting more than 30 multinational and local corperations, such as Canon(China), Panasonic(China), SVA etc.

Many of Dr. Xie's papers are published on popular and professional magazines, such as Organization Revolution of States Owned Companies in China, Comparation of Strategy Making Systems Between China and Japan and so on.

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Mike Ma

Consultant of MESC
JITA Certified TWI Trainer

Mr. Ma graduated from Shanghai University of Engineering Science in Business Administration. He has served for Kohler, Saint Gobain, Newell, Dresser and other famous Fortune 500 companies. He worked in production and lean management for many years as different roles such as department supervisor, manager and project manager. Mr. Ma has more than 10-year experience in lean manufacturing management, production management and operation. He has been working for quick trouble-shooting and solving shop-floor problems as well as focusing on cultivating employees for long-term thinking of lean concept. 

During his work in Newell, he has organized or taken part in the whole project in several product families, two of which are new products, covering many lean modules, 5S, standard work, lean layout, quality series, pull system, equipment maintenance, and others. The outstanding results are as following:

--Saving 45% of the space of the whole company;
--Reducing inventory of 60%;
--Reducing defect rate of 75%;
--Enhancing productivity of 60%
Based on these achievements, this company became the benchmark of the global group.
Parts of the recent consulting projects of a company:
--Make Production capacity double;
--increase on time delivery from 63% to 98%;
--Reduce 30% operation cost

Mr. Ma also has the certification of TWI-TTT from JITA.

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Maxwell Han   

Consultant of MESC
JITA Certified TWI Trainer

Mr. Han is currently the Lean consultant of MESC. He has been developing production management in the manufacturing sector for about 20 years. He has served many multinational companies such as Shanghai ZiJiang, US-funded enterprises, Sino-Russian joint venture, etc. Mr. Han is well recognized by all of our customers for wealth of practical experience and professionalism.
He has rich experience in 5S management, unit design and man-machine balance.
Parts of the outstanding performance:

  • Zhong Rui Plastic: quality control and production plan control, saving 17% cost. –Reducing 6% defect rate, reducing 40% inventory.
  • A US-funded enterprises: improving production efficiency from 68% to 93%. Responsible for designing and implementing of the Cell brush unit, improving production efficiency from 85% to 140%.
  • Shanghai Mettler: cell design and human-machine balance. Improve Efficiency of 40%.
  • Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group, responsible for man-machine balance and internal training.
  • SJS: lean layout, modular assembly guidance, shorten pilot production period of one / three.
  • AMED, unit design, production increased of 20%, space savings of 23%, the production cycle reduced of at least 30%.
  • Zhengzhou Coca-Cola, design blowing and filling package in production lines to save production costs and improve qualities.

Mr. Han got the TWI trainer certification by Japan Industry Training Association in 2009.

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Nengwei Jiang

Consultant of MESC

Mr. Jiang graduated from Tongji University of Mechanical Design in Business Administration. Mr. Jiang is now the consultant of MESC. Mr. Jiang has worked in production and lean management for many years as different roles such as Senior Lean Engineer, lean manager and project manager. He has served many clients from different areas, such as ESAB Group / Romar / Caterpillar / A.O Smith / GSI / Aeroflex / NSG / Stryker, etc.
Part of the achievements:

    • ESAB Consumable: set up lean production system, implemented 5S/visual management/suggestion system/TPM, total involvement is 100%;
    • ESAB Group Asia: delivered 2 weeks’ lean boot camp to 24 people from the high or middle management team, got 13 projects and the estimated saving is 450,000RMB;
    • Caterpillar (Wuxi): delivered TPM project to establish the autonomous maintenance and parts of professional maintenance, trained 17 people, got 41 improvement items; Led 2 lean seminars in Suzhou and Nanjing, got 425 pieces of clients’ contact information, developed 15 potential clients; Training module champion of quick changeover and creative problem solving, to develop the material and deliver the training to the clients.
    • Actuant China: PPC: efficiency increased by 39.3%, WIP reduced by 63.3%, space reduced by 28.4%, annual productivity $26,116.6;ACL: efficiency increased by 19.7%, space reduced by 21.2%, annual productivity $2,405.6;GITs: efficiency increased by 125%, WIP reduced by 65.5%, space reduced by 57.1%, annual productivity $12,706.65
    • Shurline (Shanghai): Brush cellularization: annual productivity $11,428.6; VSM kaizen for CT gluing: annual productivity $7,200; VA/VE for CT products: got 35 ideas, annual productivity $8,800;Brush shedding problem: DPPM reduced by 60%;Brush wrong crimp problem: scrap reduced from 0.1% to 0.02%, target 0.05%;Customer complaint of CT flock shedding: passed all the quality tests, annual saving $1,142.9;Continuous improvement for product package: efficiency increased by 15%~30%. Awarded “the new king of kaizen”, “outstanding contribution to cellularization” in 2006.

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    Su YongFa    JITA certified TWI Trainer

    Mr. Su yongfa is now the certified TWI trainer of MESC. In the past 12 years, he has been working for the biggest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the position of production management, which exposed him great opportunities to absorb the world-class manufacturing management experience and to systematically learn the working ethics, practical tools, and solutions to various problems on site. In the meantime, Mr. Su is very good at arousing the enthusiasm and creativity in his subordinates. He and his team increased the productivity and reduced the operating deficiencies through introducing all kinds of practical tools and kaizen skills.

    After taking the strict training in JITA, Mr. Su is honored to get himself into the first group of certified TWI trainer by JITA in China. He is very good at coaching JI(Job Instruction) and JR (Job Relation) due to large amount of practical life examples gained through his ten years working experience.

    He made remarkable achievements by promoting lean manufacturing in his factory:







    Floor Space (Sq M)










    Production efficiency





    Crew size





    Volume per shift





    Walk Distance (M)





    Cycle time (mins)










    Inventory-Material (K RMB)





    Lead Time (days)




    He gained the Best TWI Promotion Award 2009 due to his excellent promotion activity both in his factory and in his supplier's factory. Hiroshi Ogiwara, chairman of the Board of Directors of JITA presented the award to him with his own hands.

    Mr. Su could provide diagnosis and consulting service related to the following topics:
    The training, implementation and continuous improvement of TWI
    The introduction, implementation and continuous improvement of 5S activity
    The elimination of on-site waste and improvement of overall productivity
    On-site layout and production system planning
    Production logistics system planning and efficiency improvement
    Lean Manufacturing(Just in Time, cell manufacturing and one piece flow)
    The application of Industrial Engineering

    Mr. Su provided consulting and training for company includes:

    Shenzhen Fulida industry Co., Ltd.
    Kenbotong Communication Ltd.
    Shunde Tiannan plastic Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Amphenol Electronic Communication Co.,Ltd.
    Mobi Antenna Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


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    Sophia Fu
    JITA Certified TWI Trainer

    Sophia Fu has her Master degree in Shanghai International MBA (SIMBA) and graduated from Northeastern University majored in English. After graduation, she joined ASUS Computer (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, working as quality and production engineer. During the work in ASUS, she has accepted production management trainings such as TPS, TPM, 5S, and 6 Sigma.

    She joined MESC since 2005 as sales supervisor, account manager, branch manager of Tianjin MESC, and TWI product manager. In 2006, she has learnt from the Chief Consultant Mr. Feng Lei as an assistant consultant. During that time, she has followed with Mr. Feng Lei to visit more than 30 plants and assist to draft project proposals for clients.

    In 2007, she achieved systematically Train The Trainer (TTT) training on Training Within Industry (TWI) by Japan Industrial Training Association (JITA), and she is also the one of the earliest certified TWI trainers coaching Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR), Job Method (JM) and Job Safety (JS).

    The major clients that she has coached include:

    • CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    • WEIFU High-technology Group Co., Ltd.
    • Corning Shanghai Fiber Optics Co., Ltd.
    • AAM Changshu
    • ZF Lemforder Automotive Systems (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sandvik Tooling (Langfang) Ltd.
    • Hefei Yunhe and Johnson Controls Seating Co., Ltd.
    • Velux (China) Co., Ltd.
    • SEW-Eurodrive (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
    • Gamesa Wind (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
    • SCA (Suzhou) Packaging Co., Ltd
    • SCA Shanghai (Minhang) Packaging Co., Ltd
    • EPCOS Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
    • Honeywell Sensing and Control (China) Co., Ltd
    • Visteon TYC Auto Lamps Co., Ltd
    • SAM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
    • GE Aviation Systems(Suzhou) Co., Ltd
    • Wuhan Bundy Fluid Systems Co., Ltd

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    Qian Wen
    Consultant of MESC
    Senior Japanese Interpreter
    JITA Certified TWI Trainer

    Mr. Qian has over 20-year experience in the field of production and operation management.
    He was graduated from Japan Kinki University, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Department of Management. He has been lived in Japan for 12 years for work, He is very familiar with the local Japanese etiquette, and he also knows the application of lean production in daily life in Japan very well
    Mr. Qian used to work in Japan Yagi Kinzoku Co., Ltd. and then he was sent to Suzhou Yagi Kinzoku Co., Ltd. as an director, and later he was promoted to deputy general manager.
    He was in charge of the preparation procedures for the Suzhou plant, staff recruitment and training, then responsible for the personnel, logistics, production and other relevant departments as vice-general manager. Besides, he led to establish the rules and regulations of the company, as well as personnel attendance and computer system of wages, and the logistics data analysis system was also progressing successfully under his administration. He would also conduct the training to internal staff each week.
    As the leader of company, he was personally leading and joining the lean kaizen project of company. The key performance indicators of the company, like manufacturing costs, product quality and delivery cycle has remarkable been improved.

    Mr. Qian has been trained rigorously by Japan Industry Training Association (JITA) and became certified trainer of TWI JI/JR/JM/JS by JITA. He has delivered TWI training for dozens of times and was widely acclaimed by clients.

    • Parts of the clients including:
    • LM Wind Power (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
    • Shanghai Tobacco Group
    • Brose Wuhan Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
    • Jost Wuhan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    • V & M Changzhou Co. Ltd.
    • Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.
    • TONSAN Adhesive Inc

    As a senior Japanese interpreter and consultant of MESC, Mr. Qian had led customers of MESC to Japan for lean learning trip to Toyota in Japan for many times, and he was widely praised by both Japanese trainers and trainees for his translation during the trip.

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    Mr. Gao
    Senior Consultant of MESC

    Mr. Gao is currently Senior Consultant of MESC. He has more than 10 years quality improvement and lean manufacturing experiences.

    Mr. Gao used to work for an America-invested company, responsible for the total quality management and lean production boosting in company’s Asia supply chain. And he is familiar with lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and project management, currently he has got many MBBs such as VSM, SW, 5S, Pull System, SMED etc., he also has BB for Six Sigma.

    From 2004 to 2008, as a full-time Lean Leader in one subsidiary company of this America-Invested corporation, he led the team to conduct the comprehensive Lean Kaizen and achieve great progress in Quality, Delivery and Cost:

    • VOC (Voice of Customer)PPM from 3200 to 2700;
    • RTY (Rate to Yield) from 96% to 98.4%;
    • OTD (On Time Delivery) from 89% to 99.8%;
    • Inventory Turns from 10 to 24.1;
    • Total productivity increased 12%~14% year over year.
    • So this subsidiary company became the Worldwide Benchmark in the last two years.

    Since Aug. 2008, Mr. Gao transferred to the headquarters, in charge of the Lean promotion in Asia Supplier Chain. In Nov. and Dec last year and Feb. this year, he conducted three 5days’ comprehensive Lean trainings in Zhuhai, Beijing and Shanghai for key Asian suppliers, covering 11 general lean tools to decode the mystery of success and describe how to transform the traditional production to Lean production. There are over 200 persons having taken part in the 3 trainings, over 100 vendors. The feedback and impact is very encouraging in Asia Supplier chain.

    Before joining in this American company, he has worked for Honda for 6 years as the key positions such as Quality Supervisor, Technology Supervisor and Project Manager, having abundant experiences in Quality Management and Project Management. He is also familiar with ISO9001, TS16949 and Six Sigma improvement tools.


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    Wu Guifu
    JITA certified TWI Trainer

    Ms Wu Guifu is now the certified TWI trainer of MESC. In the past 15 years, she has been working for the biggest pneumatic component manufacturer in the position of production management, which exposed her great opportunities to absorb the world-class manufacturing management experience and to systematically learn the working ethics, practical tools, and solutions to various problems on site. In the meantime, Ms Wu is very good at arousing the enthusiasm and creativity in his subordinates. She and her team increased the productivity and reduced the operating deficiencies through high efficiency training and Kaizen activities.

    After taking the strict training in JITA, Ms Wu is honored to be one of the certified TWI trainers by JITA in China. She is very good at delivering JI (Job Instruction) and JR (Job Relations) due to large amount of practical live examples gained through her 15 years working experience.

    She gained the Best TWI Development Award 2010 due to her excellent promotion activity in her factory. Mr. Endo Hirohisa, senior trainer of JITA presented the award to her with his own hands.


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